Monday, 5 December 2011

Panic Stations!

Oh man... I've been working on a bunch of pictures for Christmas presents and also a SECRET PROJECT recently, and time is getting a bit tight now, so I got up nice and early yesterday to get some digital painting done and DISASTER! My trusty Wacom Graphire 3(which I think I've had for about 6 years now) just would not work. I spent hours updating drivers and browsing for solutions to no avail, so I had to bite the bullet and got Kat to give me a lift to (the evil) PC World in search of a replacement.

After a bit of perusing I was torn between a cheap Bamboo Pen, for cost efficiency in this period of much spending, or an Intuos 4 S which had £20 off but at £179 was still not cheap...

Needless to say I plumped for the more expensive but ever so nice Intuos and all was well. I just have to let go of my dreams of a 3DS and Mariokart 7 for a while longer...

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