Friday, 25 February 2011

Uberjobby Vs. Fan-Art Friday!

Doo doo doo dooooo! It's Friday! And I have not one, but TWO new projects!
The first is a series of pictures called "Uberjobby Vs.", which pit the infamous Uberjobby against a variety of foes, and the second is what I like to call "Fan-Art Friday", where I do some fan-art and post it on a friday. Mainly to just try and keep me being productive.

Anyway, to kick both things off at once here's "Uberjobby Vs. People I Know"

(click to embiggen)

People I Know is a webcomic by the very talented Mr. Timothy Winchester, who I met last year at Thought Bubble, when the real Uberjobby insulted the aformentioned Mr. Timothy Winchester's lack of beard.

Go check it out!
(the webcomic that is... not people's beards or lack thereof. Unless you're that way inclined of course. 'Tis a free country)

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